Recover Balance With 7 Chakra Yoga Bracelets

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Our bracelets can help to fix blocked energy in your chakras. 
The fusion of the materials that make these bracelets create a natural reaction against negative energy. 
These bracelets are designed to ground you to Earth's natural healing energies.
These bracelets are made of volcanic stones and due to their porous nature, they are perfect for essential oils use which have proven effects on improving emotional and spiritual well-being.    

On a spiritual level, lava stones bring stability, reduce anger and negativity from your life, while also increasing your energy.

They are exceptionally beneficial for those suffering from anxiety and depression, keeping you calm and relaxed.

These super stylish bracelets have been flying off the shelves, so hurry, inventory is Low.
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Size: 18-23cm.

Please allow up to two weeks for delivery, orders are handled manually and they come from overseas.

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