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Our Mission:

Yoga is a way of life, emphasizing what is really important in our lives: humility, honoring your body, hope, change, stillness, helps with stress managemente, through a series of movements that are like the vessels that carry this belief system through every inch of the body.

Yoga keeps you grounded through the hard times, heals you in the sad times. It is a friend you can always count on. It is a place you always belong. It is a time of stillness when you need calm; it is a place of energy when you need uplifting.

Yoga is the best counselor I have ever been to. While it provides all these spiritual benefits, you are also strengthening your body. Yoga makes your body look how it makes your brain feel.

It is the best antidote to the crazy world. I don’t know how anyone gets through life without it.

Yoga provides clarity. It allows you to stop and live, breath by breath.
It gives control when all seems lost.
It gives love from the most important person: yourself.
It gives you a connection with God.

Yoga is like a drug that has no adverse side effects.

Our mission is to spread the word and provide cute little things that may help. Sometimes you have to indulge yourself, right?